Wave and Leave

by Honestly Probably

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released February 15, 2017



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Honestly Probably Jensen Beach, Florida

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Track Name: 28 Weeks
There's a burning in my knees feeling sick enough to speak I could try but I feel weak there's no keepin out the heat I've got you leaning over me hanging up that quarantine sheet acting like you needed a hand to gnaw on barely got two reasons to stand on your own subsidizing quietly then your all alone capsize both of our lives scenes where someone pulls a freak blacks out for 28 weeks got all these beating hearts to feed if you could offer up a piece seaweed could blanket the whole sea only in an organized siege april is murder consuming all who knew me
blot & you're buried the tide is rising to the trees this note explains why I was..
Track Name: West Philly
I would've been an r&b singer if I grown up the next town over got a pocket full of stoners who ate dinner after practice if I keep following this pattern I'll have one quilted scene from just a fabric string and I've got an awful day in mind something to hide behind till I'm with you tonight and I'm begging you to worry about my splintered wing about my battered beak I don't know about you but I know about me I know I'm pretty sneaky I know you're pretty end of story well I might mind if you can't care correct conditions kill chemists when the chase is mirrored
Track Name: Lay a Lure
He's withdrawn in time entomb the conflicted pour your heart into a chest best to well up and over how to explain these things never worth saying lay a lure near a broken picture check for heartstrings toppled over every promise every fallen fixture I could've fixed you I could've fixed you lay a lure being popular confide in cool words don't fuck up
Track Name: Flail
I feel so lazy my game face pains me bless this wreck like it made us happen I'll be the best and only addiction you ever could quit yea fuck that try to keep a calm consensus I've had the wrong impression tonight I'll repress my his lesson and size up your new contestant it takes a time or two you're black and blue we mock the truth whatever she said I know it's condescending
Track Name: Confess
Just confess this mess is self inflicted tried your best unless you really didn't sweep conversations and stones up til that pile just grows whys everything that gets thrown always end up breaking my head your shoulder it shows I miss you more than you know if these confessions could boast it'd be about time that's wasted it means a lot to me if it's something you can't stand for better up and leave better up and leave fell to bed I slept but never rested welcome back you had to say what you witnessed
Track Name: Great Houses No More
Even great houses are left unkempt no truer you said it's left unsaid dust survives on rumor wainscot talks but plasters cheaper your gun ships conceive your violent rulers no I won't concede your flaws won't make me bleed no more roland in the backseat never seems to miss a beat maybe just the stop sign the ground is digging in your feet tagging along asphalt ground in my soles keep singing this song keep singing this song no more I was more into your brain than you could explain away now that you're all grown up what d'you say we dig up those bones and help ease the pain help ease the pain I don't praise you I don't praise your name no more
Track Name: Chinook
Can't believe that it's me grinding teeth while your sleeping moaning ornery audible everything seems to cease at it's peak without reason become a common variable honestly I beseech all these dreams you've been weaving am I the culprit or the cause chemicals in my cell while you dwell on the battle that you never even fought It's not like I set my goals too high can we surmise the mess we've made since you have arrived easy tell hard to read ask your self am I really that naive is this all overrated can we rewrite the story